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  • Ynze Baumfalk, Geo-software designer/developer per excellence, RAD specialist and general good egg. Developed such gems as PD (biostratigraphic database), GA (Geohistory Analysis program) and CA (cyclicity Analysis program). Now with Fugro-Inpark developing GIS applications
  • ChangShu Yang, the Cyclicity Analysis man. A very experienced independent geologist/sedimentologist.
  • JanJaap van de Hurk, an ex-Intergeos collegue, RAD specialist and (geo-)software developer. JayJay is a/o. into VB programming for web sites
  • Essential Petro Consultants (Hans van der Eem)
  • Marietta de Jongh, teacher and translator of French, (ancient) Greek and Italian.

Other geological sites

  • PETROLEUM GEOLOGISCHE KRING, the (Dutch) society of petroleum geologists.
  • HRH Geological Services HRH Geological Services, the makers of Winlog, the programme for making complex geological charts such as correlation charts and Composite Well Logs. Plus Gravitas, a data management system for all well data - including geology and drilling - along with a report generation package and a log drawing package.
  • The Micropaleontological Society , the former BMS for new about biostratigraphy.
  • The American Association of Petroleum geologists for oil and gas related geology.

J&G have co-operation agreements with:

  • Roger JanduChene, a vastly experienced palynologist and sequence stratigrapher. He has worked on palynomorphs of all ages, from all over the world.
  • Jean-Paul Colin, worldwide known ostracode specialist, has worked on the Paleozoic to Recent, in all types of environments. His experience covers the entire world, with special emphasis on Europe and Africa
  • Duxbury Stratigraphic Consultants. Stan "the man" is a highly experienced palynologist, worked on palynomorphs of all ages, specialised in Atlantic/western European floras.
  • TNO-NITG / LPP, contact Oscar Abbink. Packed with palynological expertise on Dutch subcrop. TNO-NITG is the author of the Dutch geological nomenclature. LPP is the foundation that developed the PalSys software.


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