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Since biostratigraphy has rapidly become an 'outdoor' activity for most petroleum companies, the accessibility and resulting usefulness of the biostratigraphic data has declined. In short, the geologists and geophysicists get biostratigraphic reports which, because they have been made in isolation, conflict with the rest of the geological and geophysical data and are difficult to interpret.

J&G counteract this development by providing biostratigraphic services which are directly linked to a accessible global sequence stratigraphic scheme and by providing the expertise to relate existing reports to the global scheme. This provides you with numeric age estimates which can be used by other experts (and computer programmes) more easily than relative ages. We also assist you with the integration of sequence stratigraphic data in larger studies. You can further enhance the results by applying related techniques, such as Graphic Correlation, Geohistory Analysis and Cyclicity Analysis.

We also provide lithostratigraphic services, calibrating your logs with the lithology from ditch cuttings.

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